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"What is little more than an off-hand conversation becomes a rich comedy of ideas in Fleitman's hands. The play is both a warm glimpse at modern parenting and an examination of the deathly seriousness that lies at the heart of Jewish humor." -  Ben Trawick-Smith,

An interview with Jessica about Deuteranomaly in The Jewish Week.
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"A clever romp!"- Michael Musto, The Village Voice

“Be on the lookout for emerging writers like Jessica Fleitman (“The Average-Sized Mermaid”) [...] all of whom are generating a fair amount of buzz among Fringe-watchers this season.” - Martin Denton, Downtown Express


"Fleitman has a real knack for dialogue. [...] I was laughing hard enough that I worried I might upset the rest of the audience—only to realize they were right there with me. [...] Easily in my top three festival shows of all time and one of the best pieces I’ve seen in a long time." - Case Aiken,

“Bottom Line: THE AVERAGE-SIZED MERMAID is a wonderfully written fairy tale about keeping your dignity through the hardships of love." - Molly Marinik, Theatre is Easy



"This program saves ones of the best for last: G Train Exodus by Jessica Fleitman.  A kind of love letter, or maybe a tough-love letter, to New York City [...] It makes its own poetry out of the pedestrian." - Leah Richards, CultureCatch





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